September 17, 2021

4 Reasons Why You Need a Brand Identity, Not Just a Logo

1) It's not enough to have a logo

Anytime you're creating something—whether it's your first website or your first million-dollar company—people need to know who you are. How do they learn about you? Through your brand identity. When people see your logo, they shouldn't think about their own needs (or how cool/funny/clever you were when designing it); instead, they should think hey, there's [insert company name here]. Your brand identity is what makes sure that happens—and more.

2) Getting your message across through multiple platforms

Having all of your visuals represent your brand identity is important to ensure that every message you’re trying to get across carries similar weight. This can be difficult if you have so many different pieces—logos, letterheads, business cards, signage—that they no longer reflect your current brand identity. If you’re struggling with communicating your brand through so many mediums, it might be time to formalize things with an updated brand identity.

Go beyond looking at your logo on a screen, or by itself. You need to see how your logo will live out in the real world, next to your competitors, and in your business.

3) Brand consistency is key

Brand consistency isn’t just about creating an aesthetic that looks good; it’s also about reinforcing your core values. If you want to be known for delivering high-quality products, then you need your branding to say so. That means not only picking colors and typefaces that fit with your brand identity but setting up processes so that every employee adheres to them. Being aware of how crucial brand consistency is for businesses in all industries should help you see why it’s necessary to have more than just a logo.

4) Start out right

Before anything else can happen—before you can set your brand apart from your competitors and start building your audience—you need to know yourself. To build an identity for yourself, you have to understand who you are and what sets you apart from everyone else. Otherwise, how will anyone know what message to get out of it? So before you begin designing your logo or business cards or website design, take some time to figure out exactly what’s going on in that creative head of yours. The better idea you have about yourself, the easier (and faster) everything else will be after that initial step is completed.

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