October 2, 2021

The Best Salesperson: Your Website

It may seem odd to think of your website as your salesperson, but if you're not having success with other marketing strategies it's time to consider this tactic. Your website can help generate interest in what you offer and convert visitors into customers. It's the first place people go when they are looking for information about you or your business, so make sure that website is ready to sell!

Your website possesses massive potential.  It is both a seasoned sales veteran and a high-energy young recruit in one.

If you went out into the labor market today and tried to hire a salesperson that would work every day, 24 hours a day, and possess all of the knowledge of your company, you would probably think you just won the lottery. Your luck may be short lived though after realizing you're in violation of most labor laws and that your magic employee is about to burn out after 3 days. So to be more practical, lets imagine you could build a team of 4-5 top-notch salespeople to cover large regions, have expert knowledge and push your product or service to your target customers locally, nationally, and even globally.  Not only would it be a tall task to find that talent, but it would cost you a fortune in salaries, benefits, etc.

The good news is that you can create that one magic salesperson (your website), to do all of it, and they will work 24/7, 365 for you.  Almost sounds too good to be true right?  In a way, it is. If you don't take a serious approach to the value that it can provide, your best salesperson (your website) can be left waiting in limbo.  If you met this salesperson, and they were a physical employee, would you just hire them and let them go to work on day one without any planning, training, or direction?  Would you send them off to work and just hope that they are doing their job?  Of course not! Yet that's exactly what happens to many small business websites. Many small businesses start their own website, but leave it incomplete, or simply don't have the time to keep it up to date.  And I don't blame them, since website design can be a wormhole and eat up a lot of time that is better spent building your actual business.  The decision to create a quick website, or leave it incomplete is easy to justify nowadays too because it is relatively inexpensive to get a domain name and set up a basic website.  So it's easy to think that the low initial cost reflects the value of the product. Yet this couldn't be further from the truth.  

Your website possesses massive potential.  It is both a seasoned sales veteran and a high-energy young recruit in one.  It is both your storefront and the salesperson that greets you when you enter.  It is the first impression before you even get to make your first impression.  Your website holds the power to either draw customers in, or turn them away.  With the potential success that your website can bring, it deserves more attention.   If you invest in your website, you are investing in one of the best assets of your small business.  It will stick with you through the good times and the bad, it can grow with your business, and it only gets stronger and more knowledgeable with time.

We suggest taking a look at your marketing budget, if you are spending money to get people to come to your location, make sure your website is ready to close the deal. If not think about allocating some of your marketing dollars to improve your website. This is a marketing investment that adds value. Your website needs to be looked at as an asset, not an expense.

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