Keeping it local.

My name is Adam Emmerich, I was born in Warwick, NY and love living in the Hudson Valley. I have a passion for graphic design and the creative arts that has fueled my desire to help small businesses in the local area succeed. I'm here to help you put your best foot forward and speak directly to your target audience.

I know you take pride in your small business.
Let's give it the makeover it deserves.

My goals as a creative.


Stay curious

I challenge myself to explore creative trends and to expand on my design skills daily. I take a jack-of-all-trades approach to my skillset and enjoy having working knowledge of several creative disciplines.


Be respectful

I respect what it takes to start a small business and more importantly, what it takes to keep it going. Creative changes can be difficult and personal for some, so respect goes along way in my book.


Build community

The strength of a community is often tied to the strength of its businesses. Helping local businesses succeed keeps communities healthy.

Meet the awesome team behind Spoon. We’re bridging the gap between the world’s oldest and largest industry and a future where technology can be used to solve our hardest problems.

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Take your small business to the next level

Work with a design partner who can tackle the tasks that take time away from your business goals.