10+ Years building websites

Building up small businesses, one website at a time.

My name is Adam Emmerich. I like the outdoors, spending time with family, and learning all things visual design.

My relationship with design started as a kid where I would draw my favorite logos in my notebooks. I enjoyed the form and symbolism of the logos and drawing them was cheaper and more readily available than stickers.

I began working for a small e-commerce company in 2012 in Seattle helping customers navigate the website and troubleshooting online orders and warranties. That same year I started designing websites for local businesses and realized how much the transition to the web presented a huge barrier for hard working small business owners.

I continued working for e-commerce companies moving from Evo to Burton Snowboards in 2015, where I continued to learn about the importance of the user experience for online customers.

After returning to Warwick, I began doing production design for our local newspapers, helping to design magazines, websites, and advertisements for small businesses. I realized that small businesses often did not have a strong digital presence, which was limiting their reach. I decided to step out on my own to help small businesses create a stronger presence online so that they could compete in the market.

New technology has made things easier, but also added new challenges. In 2018, I started Algot Design knowing that local businesses needed a design partner they could trust, with a local touch.

I focus on helping small businesses, because I believe small businesses are an important part of creating a healthy community.

We want to build you solutions that make your life easier.

Developing a website that actually reflects the hard work you put into your business is not easy. We enjoy working with people who take pride in their small business, because we take pride in building them a digital storefront that reflects their hard work.

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I started Algot Design in 2018 to service local businesses in the Hudson Valley.

Happy 🙌 Customers

Building a website can get quite involved, work with a local developer you can trust.

"Adam was an excellent collaborator and generated a beautiful, practical design for us. A great listener, he "got" the idea that we were after--only better, of course. He was patient with my false starts, quick with his end of the work, and just a pleasure to work with. I recommend him highly and with great enthusiasm."

Nan P.

Executive Director, The Treeline Conservancy

"Adam was extremely efficient in his work and got the project done way before the deadline I had set. He worked quickly and was willing to make any adjustments we asked for. I would definitely use Adam's skills again in the future!"

Allison S.

Coordinator, Revitalize Milwaukee

Our design values

Website design is a balance between art, science, and design. We like to find the right ratio that fits your small business needs.


We focus on making sure that your website design functions for your business and for your users.


We follow accessibility standards to ensure your website is easy to navigate, easy to read, and easy to digest.


Your website should be a pleasant experience, but it should also be unique. To set yourself apart from the competition, we balance creative elements and interactions to make your website memorable.


Working in design teams, I've learned how important it is to work so that you can hand off a project at any point without issues. We build our sites with cutting edge tools and with a standardized class naming system for improved workability.

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Built to Grow with the Latest Tools

In a global market, you still can't beat local.

I'm sure you receive emails daily from people offering you "help" with your website 🤦. Some of them may actually be able to help, and others may become a big headache. We're here to listen to you, see what makes your business unique, and give you the best website we can. We want local businesses to succeed, we think we can help.