Leveraging 3D for Brewery Photography

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January 5, 2024
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Adam Emmerich
Visual Designer

Ever wonder how those large scale breweries make their products look so darn good in pictures? Well, the secret sauce these days is 3D rendered product images, and let me tell you, it's changing the game for breweries big time. There are a number of benefits to developing beverage product photography using 3D that I'll breakdown if you're interested in making the switch.

Benefits of 3D product "photography"

1. Saves You Some Serious Cash:

First and foremost, 3D can save you money. This is great news for smaller breweries, since they are now able to achieve a high end custom look without the expense of a traditional high-end photo shoot. Forget about having to schedule shoots, build elaborate sets, or purchase additional props. With 3D rendering, you can make your brews look top-notch without spending a fortune. No need for fragile prototypes or reshoots – just digital magic that won't break the bank.

2. Get Crazy Creative:

Want your beer to stand out in a crowded market? 3D rendering gives you the power to get wild with backgrounds, lighting, and settings. You can create visuals that scream your brand's personality, making sure everyone remembers your unique brew. Gone are the limitations of the physical world. You can defy gravity, superimpose visuals with ease, and create imagery that simply would not be possible behind a lens in a studio.

3D beer product photo of a NA beer
3D allows you to control environmental lighting, reflections, textures, and more.

3. Easy Changes and Updates:

With 3D rendering, you can tweak your product images in a snap. Perfect for showing off your latest limited-edition concoction or seasonal favorite without being stuck with outdated photos. If you end up wanting a consistent composition, background changes, label updates, and adjustments are done quickly.

4. Keep it Consistent Everywhere:

Branding is everything, right? 3D rendered images make sure your brand looks sleek and consistent across your website, social media, and print materials. Your customers will appreciate the polished and put-together vibe. If you aim for a consistent composition in your current beer photos, there is not better way to achieve this than in 3D. Using the latest tools, camera perspectives can be saved making it easy to make sure your composition is the same for each image. This means all that is needed is to update the label graphic with your latest release and any background changes you want and voila, you have a product image with your subject in the same exact place every time. This consistency can be very satisfying when looking at social media feeds or websites.

5. Show All Your Packaging:

Craft beers have loads of cool details – labels, bottle shapes, and packaging. Capturing all that can be tough with regular photos, but 3D rendering nails it. Every tiny detail is highlighted, showing off the craftsmanship that goes into your brew. Resolution is not limited to image quality in 3D. As long as you are working with vector based label art, then you can get high quality zoomed in shots of label details, or add condensation without having to spritz your cans on set.

Beer cans rolling built in 3D software
Utilize rolling, or stacking compositions to show off your packaging in unique ways

6. Proof Labels Before Production:

3D allows you to develop images and assets before you have to go into production. I often use 3D for proofing to make sure a label looks the way I want on a product without having to do a physical proof. I still recommend making physical proofs for large scale production, but 3D can be a good way to test a few label options quickly. You can also have your product photos of your beer in hand before even starting production. This allows you to build out your library of assets in advance to streamline your marketing efforts.

In a nutshell, if you're in the brewing biz and not sure what's possible with 3D rendering, you might be missing out. It's a game-changer that lets you make a great impression without breaking the bank.

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